Q: Do created gems and natural gems have the same properties?

A: Yes. To legally use the term “created”, the gemstone must be the same chemically, optically and physically as its natural counterparts. The only difference is that one came from the ground and the other from the laboratory.

Q: Are created gemstones “synthetic”?

A: If to you synthetic means fake or imitation, then the answer is no. There are stones widely available that imitate natural gemstones, particularly diamonds, but they are not real gemstones. The official gemological definition of a synthetic emerald or other created gemstone requires the stone to be identical to the natural one.

Q: How are the gemstones created in the laboratory?

A: Natural gemstones are crystals formed deep in the earth by heat and pressure. A similar environment is created in the laboratory using the same natural elements and even some of the natural gemstone as well. Nature does the rest, over a 10 to 14 month growth cycle. An opportunity for crystal growth to occur is created in much the same way as a gardener does in a hothouse.

Q: How can I tell the difference between natural and created gemstones?

A: Only a trained gemologist can positively separate created gems from their natural counterparts through the study of inclusions and trapped crystal imperfections that reveal where every crystal was “born”. Gems from Columbia are different from those of Brazil, and both of those from gems originating in Africa. The clues inside a created gemstone are no more obvious than those inside a natural gem.

Q: Is a created gemstone like a cultured pearl?

A: Yes. Just as man provides the natural “seeds” and controlled environment to help grow a cultured pearl, we provide the natural elements and controlled environment to grow crystals.

The culturing of a pearl begins on a round ball that is surgically implanted in the oyster’s mantel tissue. The growth of a gemstone, for example the emerald, starts with a thin slice of natural emerald. This “seed” of natural gem is later removed, whereas in the pearl the “seed” forms the interior of the pearl.

Q: Are the inclusions inserted artificially?

A: No. Since nature is responsible for the crystal growth some inclusions may be present and these serve to add to the naturalness of the stone.

Q: Is the color of created gemstones enhanced or treated in any way?

A: Absolutely not. While treatments to natural gems are the norm today, these created gemstones are completely natural in color and clarity. The quality of the gemstones is so good that the integrity of the stone is guaranteed for life.

Q: Is there a difference in price?

A: Yes. Natural emeralds may cost up to $30,000.00 per carat. The equivalent created emerald is less than $100.00 on average. At the other end of the scale, there are many emeralds of poor color and quality available today for $1.00 per carat. Poor quality created stones are not released.

Q: Why should I buy a created gemstone?

A: The demand for quality natural gemstones has never been greater, and the supply never more scarce. This drives the prices up to prohibitive levels. At TheGemmers.com, we bring you the beauty of natural gemstones at a price you can afford.

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